The Vision-SX45: a feature-packed but affordable trinocular microscope

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Published: 03rd May 2011
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Microscope technology is moving at an ever increasing rate, and the features and specifications that were considered highly innovative and at the cutting edge of technology only a few years ago are today accepted as standard. This pace of change has meant that it is now possible to purchase a sophisticated microscope with many high-tech features at an extremely affordable price. In fact, the attractive price of some of these new instruments is threatening to undermine the market in second-hand microscopes because highly desirable, feature-packed instruments can now be purchased brand new at a cost that can be accommodated comfortably in most research or manufacturing budgetsOne example of a feature-rich but highly cost-effective microscope is the Vision Engineering SX45, as supplied by This Trinocular microscope is based on the successful Mantis range, but comes at a price that is difficult to beat. Every effort has been made to keep both the capital cost and the day-to-day running costs of this microscope down to a minimum without compromising on quality. As one example, the Vision-SX45 makes use of long-life LED illumination, offering continuous illumination for up to 6,000 hours to virtually eliminate the cost of renewing or replacing the light sourceThe Vision-SX45 is designed to accommodate a trinocular viewing device, such as a digital or USB camera, allowing images to be viewed and captured remotely on screen. As with all trinocular devices, this allows magnified views to be studied by more than one operator simultaneously, and reduces the fatigue that is associated with prolonged use of a traditional eyepiece. Multimedia packages are also available for the Vision-SX45 which allow images to be acquired, archived, processed, analyzed, and documented with ease.

The attractive price of the Vision-SX45 belies the quality and sophistication of the instrument. The Vision-SX45 has an impressive zoom ratio of 6.3:1 coupled with a 8 to 50 click-stop stereo zoom magnification, extra long working distance (up to 115 mm), and impressive depth of field. These specifications are comparable with those of many higher-cost instruments and provide first-class outcomes and optimized functionality for all inspection and rework tasks.

Although the Vision-SX45 has been engineered for affordability, its flexibility and versatility are able to match many of its more expensive competitors. The instrument is available with a wide range of options and configurations to meet even the most stringent specifications. For example, a variety of options for microscope stands are available for the Vision-SX45, including a bench stand which offers optimum stability, a boom mount for increased working distances and greater versatility, as well as an articulated arm which is perfect for benches or work stations which require extended reach.It is rare that a scientific instrument is able to deliver on price, quality, and versatility; but the Vision-SX45 offers all three. The SX45 should be seen as the ideal investment for the budget conscious engineer or research scientist looking for a stereo Binocular microscope with high performance optics.

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